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We offer an abundance of extracurricular activities

Westbourne encourages children to think without limits - and that applies to activities outside the classroom just as much as it does to formal teaching.

Extra-curricular activities on offer

Whether your child's talent lies in music, drama, sports or the martial arts, Westbourne offers a varied activities list.

Art & Craft Club, Backgammon, Ballet, Board Games, Cheerleading, Chess, Chamber Choir, Choir, Climbing, Coding Club, Crafts, Duke of Edinburgh, Fencing, Flute, Choir, Football, Gymnastics,  Jazz Band, Mandarin, Mindfulness, Modern Dance, Orchestra, Play Ball, Recorders, Rock Band, Running Club, Sewing & Knitting, Spanish, Short Tennis, Soul Band, Wind Band, Yoga.

"Private schools often have more resources to put into extracurricular activities than the state sector. This may help pupils develop healthy habits that benefit them later in life"

Dr David Bann, UCL May 2016

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