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Children are taught by specialists in their field

In addition to our dedicated EYFS team, Pre-School children are taught French, Music, Drama and PE by specialist subject teachers. The children join with Key Stage 1 children for play time and assemblies.

This gives them the opportunities to meet and mix with other children and staff and prepares them for transition to Junior School.

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This is our dedicated team of professionals who work across all stages of EYFS,
they will be with your child everyday.
our Specialist Staff have timetabled lessons in EYFS and work along side the core team.


"French lessons in Pre-school are an opportunity to have fun whilst learning through traditional songs, fingers rhymes, stories and games without any pressure. 

Because young children have powerful imaginations, I use a teaching style which is theatrical, highly active and sensorial with the help of few puppets…Lily the frog, Moustache the cat, Madame Girafe the giraffe, Nounours the teddy bear and Mademoiselle Coccinelle the ladybird!"

-Mme Hinchliffe


Pre-school and Reception love entering the creative world with the drama experience we give them. They are given the opportunity to become, dragons, witches, fairies, heroes all through animated storytelling by our drama teacher. They explore different settings, characters, facial expressions and we talk about feelings and emotions. The Pre-school and Reception children grow in confidence as they begin to join the make believe.

We use this specialist as a distinctive method of teaching and learning for our youngest pupils through drama; using traditional stories as a way of looking at the world; and, a strong focus on moral education. Among these are the significance of the stories in nursery rhymes and folktales; the nature and value of adult intervention in play; and children's ways of making sense of the world through socio-dramatic play, and their emerging ability as 'experts' on human behaviour.


In Pre-School music lessons the children are encouraged to learn through fun activities with a focus on singing. Using a mixture of songs, rhymes, and games the children learn to respond to different musical elements, in particular pitch, rhythm, and structure.

The songs vary from well-known nursery rhymes to songs that have been written specifically to develop their understanding of music. The children are encouraged to perform solos, group songs and as a class. Some of the performance highlights of each year are the Christmas sing-a-long and the Pre-School graduation ceremony.

The music activities help to complement other areas of the Pre-School curriculum and support the pupils' social development and communication skills.


We are incredibly lucky at the Westbourne School to be able to offer our Pre-School pupils lessons with certified Physical Education teachers. Mr Elvidge and Miss Pursehouse work with all of our Pre-School and Reception children delivering have three sessions a week for 30 minutes.

Physical Education lessons in the EYFS are an opportunity to have fun, explore and experience different ways to move whilst beginning to develop their ball skills.

Children also develop skills that enable them to work cooperatively with one another, negotiate and problem solve, all of these which are skills for life. Throughout the year pupils in Pre-School and Reception have the opportunity to take part in multi skills, ball skills, gymnastics, dance, athletics etc.

Physical Education lessons offer a variety of fun, active and innovative physical activities at such a young age which provides stepping stones for children and teenagers to look at continuing these activities and sports outside school.

This early introduction to P.E increases the chance of children developing a love for physical exercise and sport thus more likely to exercise during adulthood, living a longer, healthier and happier life.

Your choice. Their future.

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