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Technology shapes nearly every aspect of the way we live and work today

Technology shapes nearly every aspect of the way we live and work today At Westbourne School we recognise that proficiency in Computer Science is an essential part of 21st century living. We don’t just teach our students how to use computers, we break computers apart and see what’s inside to build their confidence and understanding of what a computer really is. Computer programming is one of the most in demand skills in the workforce of today, so our students learn the fastest growing industry standard programming language: Python. In this increasingly technological age, an understanding of how computers affect our lives, is essential for their future career.

GCSE Computer Science

Subject Content:
1. Fundamentals of algorithms and computational thinking
2. Programming techniques
3. Fundamentals of data representation in binary and hexadecimal
4. Computer systems architecture and Boolean logic
5. Fundamentals of computer networks
6. Fundamentals of cyber security
7. Relational databases and SQL 8. Ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology on wider society.

Students continue to improve their programming skills throughout their GCSE, their skills are assessed in school with a project and by the exam board via exams.

What will I learn?

What will I learn? In each year of Key Stage 3 you will learn and build on your programming skills and you will learn more about the importance of staying safe online. You will also become competent in the use of office software, a useful skill for work and everyday life.

Year 7
✔ Using Computers Safely, Effectively and Responsibly.
✔ Python programming in Edublocks
✔ Understanding Computers
✔ First to a Million - Online Safety
✔ Introduction to iDEA Award.

Year 8
✔ Introduction to Python
✔ HTML and Website Development
✔ Computer Crime and Cyber Security
✔ Using Microsoft Office and G-Suite
✔ Spreadsheets and Databases

Year 9
✔ Jobs in Tech
✔ Python: Next steps
✔ Online Life
✔ Networks and The Internet

Activities and Competitions

The school runs a variety of activities and competitions. Please enquire for further details.

Code Club: An after school code club allows students to spend time working on coding projects as well as the iDEA award. It is also a place for GCSE students to get extra help on their coding skills.

iDEA: This digital skills award is similar to the Duke of Edinburgh in that students can work towards the bronze, silver or gold award. This is an excellent award for students to show their skills to future employers, particularly if they chose not to take Computer science GCSE.

CyberFirst Girls Competition: This national competition provides a fun but challenging environment to inspire the next generation of young women to consider a career in cyber security.

Perse Coding Team Challenge: A national competition which, over two rounds, tests students' programming skills. Students compete for prize money and the Braben cup.

Safer Internet Day: The school takes part annually in activities to raise awareness of the importance of online safety.

Digital Leaders

The Junior and Senior School at Westbourne both have a group of Digital Leaders. In the Senior School, one Digital Leader is nominated from each vertical form group. Students meet fortnightly to discuss ways to improve student, staff and parental understanding of the digital world and how to stay safe in it. In the 2021-22 Academic Year the Digital Leaders put together a website to share key information about on-line safety.
Please follow this link to view their website: Digital Leaders Website

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