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Everything around us is made up of elements. We study Chemistry to make us aware of its influence on our everyday lives. Chemistry develops a wide range of thinking, practical and investigative skills whilst introducing the key concepts of the subject. Within Westbourne’s Chemistry department, there is extensive use of laboratory based practical work to promote ideas through excitement and discovery at all levels of learning. The course is designed to develop the central theme of the particulate nature of matter and to use this concept to explain increasingly complex natural phenomena. The importance of chemical terminology and chemical symbols is emphasised from the outset.

What will I learn?

Pupils follow the AQA KS3 syllabus for Chemistry, which equips them with the basic knowledge and concepts required to study the subject in more detail at GCSE.
The broad progression of topics covered is as follows;

Year 7
Particles and their behaviour Elements, atoms, and compounds Reactions Acids and alkalis

Year 8
The Periodic Table Separation techniques Acids and metals The Earth


Year 9 ,10 and 11
Pupils commence the GCSE syllabus, working through topics as follows;

Atomic structure and the periodic table
Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter
Quantitative chemistry
Chemical changes
Energy changes
The rate and extent of chemical change
Organic chemistry
Chemical analysis
Chemistry of the atmosphere
Using resources

Science Department Annual school trips, visits, field work and other activities

Pupils are encouraged to engage with their subject, and are helped to bring it into context, with the use of practical demonstrations, field work in the local area, and organised events both in and out of school.

Popular events include;
Forensics day
Science Live
The Big Bang

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