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From the autumnal to the personal; the monumental to the moonlit, a group of talented creative writers took part in a special poetry workshop this week. The selected students in Year 9 have been reading poems by a local nonagenarian poet, Lucy Payling. Lucy’s poems deal with a range of themes and issues, from family relationships and personal memories to historical moments and the joys of being a Yorkshire woman. Our student poets wrote their own poems on the same themes and will be sending their work to Lucy in a special anthology created just for her. We strongly recommend that you put on the kettle, get a brew and take the time to read these stunning  pieces from Westbourne’s very own wordsmiths:

Poems for Lucy – Student Anthology

Here’s an extract from the anthology


Leave your worries by the shore line,

And run your bare feet through the sand,

Before you duck beneath the water,

Where the world is mute and sound,

As the cold rushes through your veins,

It will heal your past and pain,

Tell the fish all of your problems,

As they all come swimming by,

When you feel so alone,

Let the ocean be your home,

Like a message in a bottle,

All your worries are set free,

Let the water hold your sadness,

And wash it right away

For how else do you suppose,

That the ocean got so blue?


By Elena Larkin


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