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Westbourne Word Edition:16

Westbourne Word

In the final edition of The Westbourne Word for the year, we extend our gratitude to the new editorial team for their valuable contributions. This edition covers topics such as The Titan Tragedy, ethical tourism in Hawaii, and Year 9’s visit to the Holocaust Memorial Centre. Additionally, we have a film review of Tears of the Kingdom and recommendations for summer flicks.


  • The Titan Tragedy: Reflecting on a Heartbreaking Event.
  • Tourism in Hawaii: Balancing Beauty and Responsibility.
  • Year 9’s Visit to the Holocaust Memorial Centre: A Profound Educational Journey.
  • Tears of the Kingdom: A Film Review.
  • Fabulous Summer Flicks: A Movie Buff’s Guide.

Appreciation for the New Editorial Team:
We express our sincere thanks to Sam Kasher, Beth Rowson, Elena Larkin, Leila Young, and Ayaan Ahmad for their dedication and contribution as the new editorial team. Their efforts have made this edition of The Westbourne Word a success, fostering meaningful discussions and showcasing pupil voices.

We hope you enjoy reading the diverse articles and reviews, and we wish you a rejuvenating summer break. Stay tuned for future editions of The Westbourne Word, where new stories and perspectives will continue to unfold.

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