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Outdoor Learning

This week in Outdoor Learning, Year 2 and Year 1 enjoyed some wild computer programming! They teamed up in groups of 4 and built a simple obstacle course. They then had to work together to create an algorithm to guide their human robots through the course! Year 6 continued to develop their weaving skills and learned about the importance of a shield to the Viking people. They started crafting their own woven shield using willow and brambles.

Preschool and reception enjoyed their Outdoor Learning session on 1960s day. They hunted for the 4 missing Bea(e)tles to try and get the band back together, explored ‘flower power’ by making flower pictures from flowers, and had a relax in the swingin’ 60s hammock!

And finally, Year 4 enhanced their classroom history learning about Romans by creating their own mosaics! Another great week of learning!



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