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Westbourne Pupil Paper Spring Edition
Westbourne Word #20

As spring begins to blossom, pupils at Westbourne School eagerly anticipate the latest edition of their beloved school newspaper, “The Westbourne Word.” With a fresh array of articles and features, Edition 20 promises to captivate readers with its diverse range of topics and engaging content.

The editorial team sheds light on the rationale behind the new mid-week read initiative, inviting readers to participate and share their thoughts.

Calling all budding journalists! The editorial team extends a warm invitation for pupils from Year 9 and Year 10 to join their ranks, offering an opportunity to contribute to future editions of the paper and make their voices heard.

Edition 20 includes:

– Unraveling History’s Greatest Mysteries: The 9-Day Queen
– Spotlight on Rema: Nigeria’s Musical Prodigy
– Radiators Vs Drainers: Understanding Their Impact
– Exploring the Purpose Behind the Mid-week Read Initiative
– The Man Behind The Song: An Intriguing Profile
– Challenging Historical Misconceptions for Thought-Provoking Discussions
– Celebrating Ramadan and Eid: Cultural Traditions Explored
– Discovering Jacques Prevert: An Introduction to a Remarkable Figure
– Workshop Highlights: Inspiring Creativity and Innovation
– A Review of “One Day”: A Must-Read Book Recommendation
– Carter’s Guide to the Classics: A Film Review of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”
– Indulging in Easter Treats: Try Your Hand at an Easter Traybake
– Puzzle Fun: Anagrams to Keep You Entertained
– Test Your Knowledge: Quiz Time!
– Historical Misconceptions for Lively Family Discussions
– A Critique of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and More!

With a diverse range of articles and features, Edition 20 of “The Westbourne Word” promises to inform, entertain, and inspire its readership. From thought-provoking discussions to tantalising treats, there’s something for everyone in this latest installment. We hope that you enjoy the vibrant tapestry of pupil voices that make “The Westbourne Word” a true reflection of the Westbourne school community.

Westbourne Word #20 Spring

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