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We are looking forward to another great year of scholarship success.

Our recent annual scholarship entrance exam day was extremely popular, attracting 39 applications, nine of which were offered scholarship places.

They will look forward to joining a high achiever learning programme that is now established as one of the most successful in the city.

The GCSE success rate for our scholarship pupils is always 100 per cent in grades 5 – a strong pass – to 9, the grade formerly known as A*.

In addition, 68 per cent of those successes are in grades 8 and 9, the highest achievable.

Westbourne always offers a limited number of discounted scholarship places for entry at Year 7.

The scholarships are an opportunity for more able pupils at any school in the area whose parents are considering the option of the independent sector at secondary school level.

Scholarships are awarded for academic achievement, music, drama, sport or a combination of all four and are based upon examinations and assessments.

“Our scholarships are about encouraging excellence and these subsidised places are part of our inclusive approach, enabling the most talented students to make the most of their potential,” said our Headmaster John Hicks.

“When our successful scholarship applicants begin their time with us in Year 7, they immediately enter a class of higher attaining pupils, made up of around just 14 children.

“They also have additional classes and extension activities, all aimed at preparing them for their important GCSE examination year.

“They work very hard but we do not put them forward for their GCSE’s any earlier than other pupils because we believe it is more important to them to have that extra year of growth and maturity, and that belief is borne out by our 100 percent pass rate.

“Of course, there is fluidity in other forms and pupils who are seen to be achieving the best results do have the opportunity to join the scholarship pupils.”

Mr Hicks added that the Westbourne approach to timetabling meant that pupils were free to make the right curriculum choices for themselves.

“There are no pre-set conditions or restrictions on what our children can study and we know of no other school in the area that offers more flexibility with academic choice options.

“And we are proud to add that nearly all our Year 11 pupils who are going on to Sixth Form are accepted by their first choice of school or college, something that has been sustained every year for the last 18 years.”

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