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Westbourne UnicefWestbourne Junior School embarked on a significant milestone by undertaking the Silver Rights Respecting School Accreditation process. This rigorous process involved meticulously preparing evidence aligned with the UNICEF framework, showcasing the school’s progress against the nine outcomes which are directly linked to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and its 42 articles.

Head of Junior School, Jon Clark, and Science Lead and Year Five teacher, Cordelia King, representing Westbourne Junior School, engaged in a discussion with Kathy Allen, UNICEF Coordinator, to delve into the school’s development journey. The meeting provided an opportunity to candidly discuss the positive strides made by the school, including the empowerment of the School Council to voice the concerns and opinions of the student body. Additionally, areas for further improvement were identified, such as enhancing children’s understanding of the CRC articles in relation to their learning and global issues.

As an integral part of the accreditation process, Kathy Allen interacted with a group of ten Junior School children spanning from Year 2 to Year 6. These enthusiastic pupils not only showcased their understanding of the Convention on the Rights of the Child but also displayed a remarkable level of empathy and awareness. They highlighted the sobering reality that some children may not have access to their fundamental rights, citing examples from war-torn regions and local areas within Sheffield where access to basic necessities like food might be limited.

Chris Hattam, Headteacher at Westbourne, expressed his delight as Westbourne Junior School was awarded the prestigious Silver Rights Respecting Schools Award. The achievement reflects the school’s commitment to fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and awareness of children’s rights. Furthermore, an action plan has been meticulously drafted to propel the school towards the coveted Gold Award, demonstrating a continuous dedication to the well-being and rights of every child within the school community.

Westbourne Junior School remains steadfast in its mission to instil a sense of responsibility and advocacy for children’s rights, nurturing compassionate and informed global citizens for the future.

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