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“The NCETM has published research into the benefits of recalling times tables to the level of automaticity, stating that this skill allows children to utilise their working memory for more challenging concepts such as problem solving and/or reasoning”.


Mr M Hawker, Year 2 Teacher and Maths Lead

At Westbourne School, we believed in making learning fun and engaging, and there was no better way to do that than with TT Rockstars Day! This annual event in our Junior School was a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of maths, with a particular focus on times tables. We understood the importance of mastering times tables as a foundation for more complex mathematical concepts, and TT Rockstars Day was the perfect way to celebrate and improve these skills.

Westbourne School maths

The day began with a buzz of anticipation as pupils and staff embraced their inner rock stars, dressing up in vibrant and creative Rockstar outfits, complete with flashy accessories and spirited hairstyles, 70’s mullets, and Axel Rose lookalikes went down very well! The pupils were full of energy and enthusiasm, setting the stage for an unforgettable day of mathematical exploration.

In our whole-school assembly, we kicked off TT Rockstars Day with a bang. We highlighted the significance of times tables and the role they play in building a strong foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts. The pupils were inspired and ready to dive into a day filled with engaging activities.

Throughout the day, each class delved into various hands-on activities to reinforce their times tables proficiency. From practising on TT Rockstars, creating colourful times tables wheels and fortune tellers, to learning catchy times tables songs, the students were fully immersed in the world of numbers. Interactive activities like ‘Hit the Button’ challenged their quick thinking and problem-solving abilities.

At the end of the lesson, pupils eagerly tackled a paper-based TT Rockstars assessment, putting their skills to the test. The pupils were excitement as they showcased their mathematical prowess. To recognise their outstanding achievements, the top performers from each year group were awarded special badges of merit.

Inflatable structures were set up around the school, providing moments of laughter, and memorable photo opportunities. The pupils revelled in the chance to let loose and celebrate their hard work while embracing the rock star spirit.

TT Rockstars Day at Westbourne School was a huge amount of fun. We celebrated the power of times tables, mathematics, and the joy of learning together. It was a day where we rocked the maths world, leaving a lasting impact on our students’ educational journey. We were reminded of the importance of making learning fun, engaging, and memorable. TT Rockstars Day empowered our students to embrace mathematics with confidence and enthusiasm. 

Looking forward, we’re excited to continue nurturing a love for maths and inspiring our pupils to reach new mathematical heights. TT Rockstar’s Day will forever be etched in our memories as a day where we came together, rocked the maths world, and proved that learning can be an unforgettable adventure.

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