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Year 10 GCSE group smashed out a group workout at Trib3 on Ecclesall Road. Pupils love this venue and really throw themselves into the challenge of cardio and resistance exercise fused with an epic sensory experience.

NB: They were socially distanced from members of the public and worked out in their own (sweaty!) bubble.


Positive feedback from a member of the public, well done Year 10 & Mr Elvidge-Latham

“I’m a teacher at xxxxx and also a member of the Tribe fitness club on Ecclesall Road. This evening I went to a class and Mr Elvidge was there with all of his GCSE PE class.

I know that taking a group of teenagers to any kind of public place can be tricky at times but I just wanted to say how excellently behaved they were. The boys came into the locker room before the class and, despite the small space, they were excellent at allowing the members of the public access to the lockers etc.

During the class they were all brilliant and, on the rare occasions I had the chance to glance over, they were giving it their all.

Hats off to Mr Elvidge-Latham and the group of pupils. They were a credit to your school.”

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