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The power of Westbourne pupils' voice

Westbourne Senior School pupils have spoken and it's official...our pupils are twice as satisfied with school life as students in other UK schools. How do we know? We asked our pupils how they felt about school life and they told us in the national PASS survey.

We use the survey because we know that our children’s success and ability to shine as individuals is significantly influenced by how they feel about school.

As an appraisal from our children, the PASS survey can be a useful tool for identifying any trends in the way pupils feel about school, especially any issues that teachers need to tackle. However at Westbourne, it paints a powerful picture of pupils’ satisfaction, which is measured in nine areas of school life:

  • Feelings about school
  • Perceived learning capability
  • Self regard as a learner
  • Attitudes to teachers
  • Preparedness for learning
  • General work ethic
  • Confidence in learning
  • Attitudes to attendance
  • Response to curriculum demands

Mr Birbeck, Head of Senior School said:

“The PASS survey is voluntary, but we choose to do it because happiness and wellbeing are fundamental to pupils’ success. Our students have told us that they feel highly positive when it comes to Westbourne’s teaching, their learning and our school environment. It comes at one of the most testing stages in their education, and despite the particular challenges presented by covid in the last year.

Our approach to individualised learning is more than small class sizes. It’s about understanding and responding to the needs of each child to bring out the best in their abilities. We’re delighted to receive such a strong endorsement of our Senior School teachers and our learning environment from our pupils.”

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