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“It has been wonderful to share some of our JS children’s remote teaching & learning this week. Today I dropped into Miss Fay’s Year 3 class and shared their discussions on pebble memories, the journey of pebbles, different types of rocks and their Power of Reading text – Pebble in my Pocket – well done Year 3!” Mr Jon Clark Head of Junior School


Inspired by their reading the class were asked to write a free verse poem about a school of fish moving through the water.

Here is one example – well done Zac!

The Majestic Fish

By Zac Hind Year 3


Sparking, shimming, majestic

Like silver diamonds of the ocean

Gracefully gliding in the deep blue sea.


Delicately glittering under the sun

Like the birds in the sky


Dancing to music beyond human hearing.


Flicking their tails in a swirling formation

A dazzling display hiding their fear.

Like a work of art they spiral and dart

Swarming as one to keep themselves safe.





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