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Streets of Light

It is that time of year when the streets are becoming darker and the days are getting shorter, and in our language lessons we have been taking part in a project called the Streets of Light.

We are a diverse school and we speak many languages – 25 infact – and this was an idea that we wanted to include in our piece. The Year 9s have all created a piece of art using stencils and colourful tissue paper, with the words ‘hope’, ‘peace’ and ‘love’ in all of the many languages we speak, whether that be German, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese or others!

This will then be put up as a display in the windows of the school and lit up from behind for everyone to see as they walk the route these coming nights. This piece ties in with our core values and is a good representation of what Westbourne is all about.

‘hope’ in Spanish is ‘esperanza’, ‘love’ in French is ‘amour’ and ‘peace’ in Ukrainian is ‘мир’.

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