Schools outbut lessons continue for our hard working and enthusiastic pupils who remain determined to do their best as the Coronavirus crisis continues.

For the majority of our children, the next few weeks will see them staying at home and accessing learning through our Google classroom.

This online educational tool is already being used effectively and staff have been/are sharing some brilliant ideas on creative lessons as most learning now becomes remote.

Now normal operation in school is suspended, children should continue to attend online lessons at the same times of day as they do normally on site.

Chromebook devices have been loaned to those children not able to access a computer at home.

This new approach to learning covers all subjects, including practical lessons like sports, drama, music, DT and food tech.

Westbourne does, however, remain open for children of key workers and our staff are volunteering to work during the Easter holiday to make sure these pupils are still receiving full support at all times.

The Westbourne Breakfast Club and after school clubs will also remain in operation to provide continued care for these children.

For our GCSE students, the advice for the time being is to carry on as normal as far as work and revision are concerned and to await further advice.

Our children have already demonstrated Westbournes four key values – resilience, inclusion, respect and excellence –  and over the next few weeks, they are going to show us the amazing things they can achieve with online technology,” said our Headmaster John Hicks.

Now theyre going to learn how integrated and powerful it can be with their education.

We are also keen to monitor the effectiveness of these lessons and teachers will welcome feedback on this.

There have been some great examples of children already at home being set work online and  feedback being given for improvement. 

These are uncertain times but we are confident that our pupils will battle on through and we look forward to welcoming them all back into the classroom very soon.


Photo= Our Fabulous Year 11

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