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Westbourne School’s prestigious Prize Giving Ceremony took place on Thursday, 6th July at the Octagon, where we celebrated the exceptional achievements of our pupils. The event was graced by a motivational speech from Paralympian Claire Cashmore. It was also a momentous occasion as we unveiled our new Head Boy and Head Girl, and excitedly revealed the school’s upcoming play for next year.

prize giving octagon

Recognising Academic Excellence:
At Westbourne School, we take great pride in acknowledging the outstanding academic accomplishments of our pupils. In each year group of the Senior School, a coveted cup was awarded to the pupil who achieved the highest overall academic performance, based on their remarkable results in examinations and tests. These prestigious cups symbolise the dedication, hard work, and intellectual prowess of our pupils.

Furthermore, subject prizes were presented, honouring pupils who demonstrated exceptional attributes within their respective disciplines. These awards were based on nominations from subject teachers, recognising a wide range of personal and academic qualities that reflect our school’s values of excellence, inclusion, resilience, and respect. These accolades celebrate the well-rounded development and unwavering commitment of our pupils in their academic pursuits.

Junior School Achievements:
The Junior School segment of the ceremony showcased the remarkable accomplishments of our younger pupils. Prizes were awarded for overall academic achievement, performance in core subjects, as well as general progress and effort. This comprehensive approach ensured that each pupil felt valued and acknowledged for their unique contributions to their education.

Year 6 pupils stood out as recipients of prizes in all curriculum areas, underscoring their exceptional achievements and providing them with a strong foundation as they transition to the Senior School.

special prizes

Special Prizes that Shine:
The Prize Giving Ceremony also featured special awards that celebrated pupils who demonstrated extraordinary qualities and contributions. These accolades serve as a testament to their unique talents and their embodiment of our school’s core values.

We are proud to announce that Charles Jackson (Y9) received the prestigious Peter Sykes Cup for perseverance across the curriculum, acknowledging his commitment to self-improvement both in and out of the classroom. This award recognises Charles’ resilience and determination, inspiring others to embrace challenges and strive for personal growth.

Milo Catten (Y10) was honoured with the Peter and Rosemary Waterfield Prize for creative writing, sponsored by Stephen Maitland-Lewis. Milo’s exceptional talent and passion for storytelling exemplify our school’s commitment to nurturing creativity and imagination.

Jeannie Duttine (Y10) received the esteemed Stone Award for Leadership, celebrating her strong voice as a prefect and her invaluable contributions as a leading member of the Student Council. Jeannie’s exceptional leadership qualities inspire her peers and embody the spirit of our school’s values.


Claire Cashmore MBE and Headmaster, Chris Hattam

Claire Cashmore: A Source of Inspiration:
The Prize Giving Ceremony was further enriched by a motivational speech from Paralympian Claire Cashmore. Claire’s remarkable career and personal journey epitomise resilience and determination in the face of challenges. Her message about stepping out of our comfort zones, being adaptable, and embracing resilience resonated deeply with our pupils, encouraging them to believe in their own potential and strive for greatness. Claire’s closing line, “I can’t do it… Yet!”, served as a powerful reminder of the growth mindset we foster at Westbourne School.

Unveiling of the New Head Boy & Head Girl:
Finally, we are delighted to introduce our new Head Boy, Sharif Khan, and Head Girl, Gabrielle Mondenou. These exceptional pupils have been appointed to lead our school community, embodying the values of excellence, inclusion, resilience, and respect. We have every confidence that Sharif and Gabrielle will inspire their fellow pupils, foster a positive and supportive environment, and represent the school with utmost integrity and dedication.

Announcement of Westbourne School’s Upcoming Show: “Sister Act”!
Adding to the excitement of the ceremony, we unveiled Westbourne School’s highly anticipated upcoming show, “Sister Act”! Stay tuned for auditions, rehearsals, and show dates. Get ready to be dazzled by the incredible talent and enthusiasm of our Westbourne School community as we come together for this remarkable production.

Inspirational Words from Nell, Former Head Girl:
During the ceremony, Nell, our former Head Girl, shared a heartfelt message with the attendees. She expressed her confidence in the potential of each pupil, believing that they will make a difference in the world. Nell encouraged everyone to make the most of their time at Westbourne School, as it passes quickly. Her words resonated deeply, inspiring all pupils to seize opportunities and embrace each day.

Daniella Arnold on violin

Isaac Arnold on piano

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the talented musicians who added a touch of musical brilliance to the Prize Giving Ceremony. A special thank you to Isaac Arnold on piano, Daniella Arnold on violin, and Martha Jones on cello. Your exceptional performances enriched the event and showcased the immense musical talent at Westbourne School. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

The Prize Giving Ceremony at Westbourne School was a resounding success, celebrating the remarkable achievements and talents of our pupils. It marked a significant milestone as the first ceremony under the leadership of our Headmaster, Mr. Hattam. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the prize winners, and we look forward to witnessing their continued success and contributions to our school community.


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