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Westbourne Remembers

Throughout the week, Westbourne School engaged in a profound exploration of letters and the value of communication, culminating in a solemn Remembrance Day ceremony. The pupils delved into the first-hand accounts of soldiers during the World Wars, gaining insights into the challenges faced on the battlefield – from the sights witnessed to the new smells experienced for the first time.

As part of the week’s curriculum, the pupils learned about the poignant and delayed nature of communication during wartime. Letters became a powerful medium, offering a unique perspective into the lives of soldiers and prompting reflection on the uncertainties faced by families at home. The juxtaposition with today’s instant communication through social media and messaging platforms highlighted the resilience and patience required during those times.

On this special Remembrance Day, Headmaster Mr. Hattam led a touching ceremony, graced by the presence of distinguished guest Mr. Ben Parkinson. His inspiring words, coupled with a moving reading of “In Flanders Fields” by the Head Girl and Boy, set a contemplative tone. The ‘This Remembrance Day’ song, performed by pupils from Year 3 to Year 6, echoed through Westbourne School, resonating with the spirit of remembrance.

Max Binns shared a poignant ‘Letter from Home,’ revealing the personal stories behind sacrifices. The Last Post, played on trumpet by Mr. Brian Winter, marked a poignant moment before two minutes of silence. The Reveille signalled a renewed commitment to peace and freedom. The Act of Remembrance, led by Mr. Hattam, invoked a moment of silence honouring not only Westbourne fallen but all who served.

Miss Ogden, with grace and reverence, read the Paratrooper’s Prayer, shedding light on the resilience and courage embedded in the hearts of those who serve.

The service concluded with a symbolic gesture as Year 11 and Reception children planted poppies to remember fallen Old Westbournians. The echoes of valour and gratitude, coupled with Miss Ogden’s reading, Ben Parkinson’s inspiration, and Mr. Hattam’s leadership, ensure the spirit of remembrance lives on at Westbourne.

Westbourne School: Where We Remember, Honour, and Inspire – Through Letters, Communication, and Shared Reflection.

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