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In Outdoor Learning this week:
Year 2 have been using their knowledge of the properties of materials developed over the last few sessions to make some boats using natural resources. They all looked great and there was some great teamwork, with some floating better than others. We had a fantastic effort from one of our remote learners too!
Year 5 have been continuing their learning journey in their construction project by learning how to do parallel lashing. I was pleased to hear that they had all been voluntarily practising their clovehitches at home and this quickly became apparent as they quickly got to work building their stars.
Year 1 continued their learning about castles by working together to create a fantastic model of a motte and bailey castle. Each child took on a different role in the construction and this led to a very efficient building process with great results.
Pre-School and Reception Class have been exploring bubbles as well making their own paint by crushing chalk, mixing this with a bit of water and mud to make a paste and using this to create a large art piece on a white sheet.
It has been a great week and fantastic to see how much the children are really engaging in their work in the Dell.

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