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Mrs Loane’s Murder Mystery Club  

Last call for entries into the “Murder Mystery Introductions in 125 words”

 These will be judged by The Tuesday Murder Mystery Club just after half term.  Here is Year 8 Emily Goodyear’s entry:  

“As she walked up the eerie corridor, looking in every room she passed, she  had finally found what she was looking for: the ghostly body of a girl, no older  than eleven, held by a rope suspended from the ceiling. As Nell looked up and  down the corpse shining in the moonlight she found a blade inserted in the girl’s chest. Ruby red  blood was dripping gently onto the floor, collecting in an ever growing puddle beneath her. The  girl’s final tears of her life rolled down her miniature face. The only question was, who did it? A  horrible act that seemed to be one of many recently in the small town of Bromsworth. People were  becoming scared now, afraid to leave the house alone.”  

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