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Our Film Studies pupils are starting a blog on the Westbourne website starting with Alfie Askham in Year 10 who writes about his love of horror films. I would like to encourage any pupils in the school (and parents alike), to share any memories about films. Did a film change your life? Have you met any famous actors? Can you write about your favourite film and why it means so much to you? Please include photographs. If you would like to contribute please email

Autumn 2019

Week 3 James Billingham  – Rain Man Analysis

Summer Term 2019

Week 10 Film Trip Summer 2019 –  James Billingham

Week 9 – The Great Gatsby by Ben Woods

Week 7  – The Salesman -Mahsa Rahimi focuses on this Iranian film

Week 6 – Rocketman by Ewan Anderson and Alfie Askham

Week 5 – Hairspray by Caitlin Sullivan

Week 4 – A Dog’s Purpose by Keira English Year 10

Update from Mrs Loane

Week 1 – Avengers Endgame by Declan Saxton Year 10

This week’s film blog is by Millie Sanderson-Shaw in Year 10. Millie is analysing the opening shots of Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker from 2008 which won numerous awards. Millie is studying this film as part of her GCSE Film Studies course.

Week 10 – Hurt Locker by Millie Sanderson-Shaw in Year 10.

Week 9  – Film Studies trip to London images

Week 8 – An American Werewolf in London by Ewan Anderson

Week 7 – Why do people love ET so much? by Thalia Merifield

Week 6 (2) What got me into War Films by Mathew Baxter

Week 5 – Invasion of the Body Snatchers by Lily Lidster

Week 4 – Why I like Horror Films by Alfie Askham 

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