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Ellie, one of our Year 9 pupils requested some self  defence training as an enrichment activity. This  week, on the first sunny day in a long time, we  were able to invite Chris from Sheffield  Self-Defence to teach the Year 9 some of the   basics of self-defence on the astro. It was great to  see them working together and learning some  useful techniques. Chris spoke to them about how  assertive, calm communication can diffuse difficult  situations and the importance of diet, sleep and  positive thinking.  

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for listening  

to my suggestion and making it happen. I think the  

people you found were great and I learnt a great deal  

from the lesson. I think loads of people had fun and  

learnt a lot from today as well from what I have gauged by talking to my friends and other people  in the year. Hopefully this is something the school may do again for other years too!” Ellie Spray.  

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