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Supporting Internet Safety

Our school takes protecting and educating our students in their online experiences, inside and outside school, extremely seriously.

To ensure we are keeping students informed and safe, we take part annually in Internet Safety Day on 8th February.

Celebrating Internet Safety Day this year, the school’s chosen digital leaders have created an anonymous survey for Westbourne students to complete.

The survey will quiz pupils on their activity online with the aims of increasing their self awareness of their online presence and giving parents more understanding of their children’s experiences.


“The aim of our survey is to better inform parents about what students are doing online, not in a finger pointing way, but shedding light on what young people’s online experience is like,” said Miss Baker, our Head of ICT and Online Safety

Survey questions covers such areas as time spent online, the number of devices owned and the number of notifications being received each day as well as exploring what schools can do to improve online safety.

Westbourne’s digital leaders

There is one peer chosen digital leader from each form group. We look for qualities of leadership and resilience in our digital leaders. They do not necessarily have to be the best at coding or databases – however, they do need to understand how to navigate safely through the online world.

Bea Cleobury-Jones, Year 10

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