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Westbourne School witnessed an extraordinary day filled with enthusiasm and wonder as pupils and staff came together to celebrate Humanities Day. The event, dedicated to showcasing the vast array of academic disciplines and career opportunities within the humanities, left a lasting impression on all who participated – staff and children alike! With an incredible atmosphere brimming with curiosity and fun, it was a day to remember.

Westbourne school transformed into a vibrant hub of diverse characters and professions. Astronauts, life savers, teachers, surgeons, and many more creative outfits filled the corridors and classrooms, captivating everyone’s attention!

The heart of the event comprised a series of engaging workshops and thought-provoking talks, providing pupils with unique insights into various fields. One of the standout moments was a talk by Ben Parkinson, accompanied by his parents. Ben, recognised as the most severely wounded soldier to survive the War in Afghanistan, shared his inspiring story of resilience and determination. Despite enduring life-changing injuries, including the loss of both legs and lasting brain damage, Ben defied all odds by learning to walk and talk again. He has since become an advocate for veterans’ charities, prompting the Ministry of Defence to increase compensation payouts for wounded British soldiers. His presence left a profound impact on us all, leaving pupils and staff humbled, inspired and motivated.

1 days worth of food rations – 6000 calories. Ben’s medals.

Throughout the day, several experts from different disciplines shared their knowledge and experiences with the eager pupils. Mrs. Tallis enlightened the pupils about the importance of healthy eating, emphasising the link between nutrition and overall well-being. Mrs. Goomany addressed the topic of mental health, raising awareness and offering valuable strategies for maintaining emotional well-being. Mr. Higgins, a brave firefighter, shared insights into fire safety, while Mrs. Franklin shed light on the world of dentistry, captivating young minds with dental hygiene tips and oral care practices.

Mrs Tallis discussing healthy eating

The list of esteemed speakers continued, with Mrs. Payne, a skilled surgeon, captivating pupils with her tales of surgical prowess. Mr. Barnett, an expert on water safety, explained some important survival tips. Other notable speakers included Mr. Major, a scout leader, who shared his adventures and the importance of teamwork, and Mr. Hizam, a dedicated police officer, who discussed the significance of community safety and law enforcement.

Dr. Al-Armad, a respected neurosurgeon, captivated the children with her fascinating insights into the intricate world of brain surgery. The pupils were enthralled as they learned about the intricacies of operating on the brain and gained a deeper understanding of the functions of different brain regions. Dr. Al-Armad’s expertise and engaging presentation left a lasting impression on the children, sparking their curiosity about the wonders of the human brain.

The level of depth and breadth covered throughout the event was truly remarkable. Pupils had the opportunity to interact directly with these professionals, eagerly asking questions that showcased their genuine interest and curiosity. The enthusiasm displayed by the young learners highlighted the success of the day, as they embraced the chance to engage with specialists and gain valuable insights into potential future paths.

Humanities Day at Westbourne School was an exceptional celebration of knowledge, offering pupils a glimpse into a multitude of exciting fields within the humanities. The atmosphere was electric, fostering a love for learning and inspiring young minds to explore diverse academic and career opportunities. With unforgettable moments and an infectious spirit of curiosity and fun, this event will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the pupils of Westbourne School for years to come.

Humanities Day has ignited a spark within our pupils, inspiring them to dream big and pursue their passions. Watch this space and see how many of our children become the neurosurgeons and firefighters of the future, making a remarkable impact on the world.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the professionals who contributed to the incredible success of Humanities Day at Westbourne School. Your expertise, passion, and dedication made this event truly remarkable, thank you for helping shape the future of our pupils and opening their minds to endless possibilities.


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