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Today, Westbourne Schools organised its annual House Day, bringing together pupils from Years 2 to 6 for a day filled with excitement, camaraderie, and friendly competition. The highlight of the day was the eagerly anticipated announcement of house allocations for the Year 2 pupils, who discovered which house they would belong to throughout their time at the school.

The atmosphere in the four houses—Holmes (red), Whitfield (green), Mercer (blue), and Johnson (yellow)—was electric as the Year 2 pupils eagerly awaited their house assignments. This announcement marked the beginning of their journey within their respective houses, where they will form lasting friendships and collaborate as a team.

House Day

The four houses: Mercer (blue), Whitfield (green), Johnson (yellow), Holmes (red)

The pupils started their day by engaging in a variety of enjoyable activities. One of the highlights was the rock painting activity, where pupils adorned rocks with designs inspired by their house’s theme, whether it be the house colour or the associated animal. House captains had the important task of judging the rock paintings and would later present certificates to the winners during the end-of-year assembly.

Another fun activity took place in the Dell, where pupils participated in army games, showcasing their physical abilities, teamwork, and strategic thinking. The competitive spirit continued with “The Cube,” a series of team-building challenges that put the pupils’ problem-solving skills and cooperation to the test.

One particularly exciting challenge was the Spaghetti Challenge, a STEM-focused activity that required teams of five pupils to construct the tallest tower using only 100 grams of spaghetti and 20 jelly babies. The tower had to be sturdy enough to hold a balloon at the top for at least five seconds. Under the guidance of staff members, the pupils embraced the task with enthusiasm, employing their creativity and engineering skills to construct impressive structures.

In addition to these activities, various team-building games were organised to foster camaraderie among the pupils. They participated in the no-hands cup stacking challenge, the straw challenge, the flip-the-sheet challenge, and the thrilling Bombing Run.

During the assembly this morning, the House Captains and Vice Captains took the stage to deliver a presentation they had prepared themselves, highlighting the essence and spirit of their respective houses. Their infectious enthusiasm set the tone for the day and inspired their fellow pupils. The Year 2 pupils were then presented with their house badges, which they proudly wore to showcase their affiliation and sense of belonging within their new houses.

To further enhance unity and collaboration, the pupils enjoyed their lunch today with their houses instead of their year groups. This arrangement allowed them to interact with peers from different age levels and further strengthen their bonds as housemates.

Westbourne Schools’ House Day proved to be a resounding success, instilling teamwork, sportsmanship, and a deep sense of belonging among the pupils. The event not only marked the beginning of an exciting chapter for the Year 2 pupils but also emphasised the values of collaboration and community that lie at the heart of the school’s ethos. With their houses serving as a source of support and friendship, the pupils are set to embark on a memorable journey throughout their time at Westbourne School.


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