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One of our Peripatetic teachers, Mr Brandon Petty has written a song to tell the story of his battle with Covid earlier this year and his gratitude to those who helped him.  The song is sung by Becky Warren. Here is a link to read his story and listen to his song……………



Hit by Covid on his birthday, Brandon then grappled with pneumonia and suffered a small stroke. Recovery was difficult through lockdown.

Always remember there is always someone there to help.

Becky:   I remember how shocked I was when I found out Brandon was ill.  It was right near the beginning of the Covid outbreak and he was the first person I knew who caught it. So to hear how ill he’d been really hit me.  We’d done a great gig the week before lockdown but hadn’t seen each other obviously since the restrictions came in and had had to cancel gigs and our usual rehearsal/recording sessions: Brandon is a prolific songwriter so there is always something new to be working on.

When Brandon caught Covid in March there was strong advice to self-isolate, so he did, he lived on his own.  His symptoms were severe.  He developed pneumonia and suffered alone.  He was ill for weeks, and not wanting to infect anyone, bore fevers, headaches, pain, alone.  He coughed so much he ruptured an artery in his neck which led to a small stroke. 

In late April he sent me demo recordings of these new songs, written during his rehab and they connected with me straight away.  The emotional truth in these songs was so vivid I could almost touch it. 

We recorded them in his attic studio at the end of lockdown with strict Covid protocols. There were lots of tears from both of us.  The hardest thing was not being able to give him a hug.   Empathy from two metres is not the same. 

The recording of Hurt As One was the first recording and was the first take, and I think you can hear the emotion I was feeling at the time.   Rainbows were recorded a few weeks later.  Still full of emotion but a different kind I think.

Lots of work followed producing them and we are both really proud of what we’ve achieved.

I hope you connect with them. 

There are many more songs to come. Exciting times for a happier future.

Please click here to listen to ‘Hurt as One’)


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