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Dystopian Novels

After studying extracts from dystopian novels such as “The Hunger Games” and “1984”, Mrs Loane’s Year 9 class wrote their own short stories. Here are two excellent examples of opening paragraphs which create mystery and intrigue.


“A dark shade had been overwhelming the sky for many hours, intensifying in colour, with each long-drawn-out minute that passed. Mother succumbed to the mizzling rain, folding over the sheets with the cold clay of her fingertips. Breath rattled in her throat. She jerked with sudden and jolted movements, as the water battered her into distortion. She remained sedentary on the ground like a snake: exhaling fiercely and uncurling with long serpentine motions. The biting winter wind flurried through the window, showering her with bitterness.”  Charlotte Jolley


“I was standing in the middle of the grey buildings again. This was the last place I wanted to be. My lone breath lingered in the fear plagued freezing air before vanishing away into the dark. The silence was tearing at my ears trying to get inside my head and devour the last remaining thoughts that were truly mine. I had been chosen and now I had nowhere to hide. It was over.” Ellie Spray


Your choice. Their future.

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