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Chess Club

This afternoon saw the first ever Westbourne Chess club online event. The event saw 13 pupils compete to be the top rated player but there was also a bit of connection in the google meet hosted at the same time by Elizabeth G.

An opening defence by black and a well developed board can be seen in the two images. Overall Stephen S. proved too strong for all his opponents but Alan C. and Oliver H. also proved stiff opposition to come in second and third places.

This event was open to anyone in Year 9 to Year 11 and the ‘lichess app’ is also proving a popular place to develop our chess with lots of instruction and puzzles on there to develop chess games which are great for memory, perception and focus amongst other skills.

If any one else would like to join please speak to Stephen S or Elizabeth G.

All you will need is a lichess.org account. 

Participants: Stephen S, Alan C, Oliver H, Jack Sargent, Adam N, Ana B, Ellis G, Adam G, Max Mc, Marcus J, Alex F and Chris W.  Hosted by Lil G 

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