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Westbourne pupilsAt Westbourne School, we believe in providing our pupils with unique and enriching experiences that go beyond the classroom. Recently, our Year 5 pupils embarked on their highly anticipated annual residential trip to Bushcraft at Castle Howard. Over the course of three days and two nights, they had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a range of exciting activities and challenges that fostered teamwork, resilience, and personal growth. We highlight some of the unforgettable moments and cherished memories created during this adventure-filled trip.

Westbourne pupils

Exploring Nature and Developing Practical Skills:

One of the highlights of the Bushcraft trip was the chance for our pupils to connect with nature and learn practical skills that are not typically taught in a traditional classroom setting. The pupils eagerly participated in a salmon dissection activity, where some brave individuals even dared to sample an eyeball! This hands-on experience allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the natural world and appreciate the complexity of living organisms.

Additionally, the pupils showcased their newfound knowledge of knots by building traps for their teachers. It was truly impressive to witness their problem-solving abilities and their application of practical skills learned during their preparations. This activity not only enhanced their understanding of knots but also encouraged teamwork and collaboration among the pupils.

Resilience and First Aid Training:

The Bushcraft trip also presented an opportunity for our pupils to develop resilience and demonstrate their knowledge of first aid techniques. In an exhilarating simulated scenario, the pupils had to rescue their teachers from a simulated ‘plane crash’ using the field first aid skills they had been taught. This exercise tested their ability to remain calm under pressure, think critically, and work as a team. It was a proud moment for both the pupils and their teachers as they successfully demonstrated their skills and handled the situation effectively.

Bonding and Creativity:

Amidst the wilderness, the pupils also had the chance to bond with their peers and showcase their creative talents. Gathered around the campfire, they roasted marshmallows, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences. Furthermore, the pupils indulged in the art of whittling sticks, refining their fine motor skills while creating unique pieces. To add an element of entertainment, ‘Westbourne’s Got Talent’ was organised, where students displayed their various talents, including ballroom dancing, singing, and music ensembles. Congratulations to the winners, ‘The Music’, for their outstanding performance!

The Year 5 residential trip to Bushcraft at Castle Howard was an incredible adventure that allowed our pupils to explore nature, develop practical skills, demonstrate resilience, and build lasting memories. At Westbourne School, we believe in the importance of experiential learning, which not only enhances academic knowledge but also cultivates personal growth and character development. We are proud of our pupils for their enthusiasm, engagement, and excellent conduct throughout the trip. We look forward to more exciting adventures and opportunities for our pupils to explore the world around them.


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