Mrs Loane shared Roald Dahl’s poem on teachers with the suggestion…The theme this week is teachers. You can write a short story, do a drawing or write a poem about teachers in general.  Here is a poem received today from Theo.

Mr Hawker’s On The Table

By Theodore Goulding, Year 2


Mr Hawker’s on the table.

He looks good enough to eat!

I keep him in the kitchen.

He’s a laminated sheet.


He glows like a lamp.

He’s always saying cheese!

When the weather is damp

I see his rusty knees.


He’s an excellent teacher

And he doesn’t answer back.

He’s very keen on Chrome Books

And he also likes a snack.


Mr Hawker’s on the table.

The cat is not impressed!

Before the Google Meet

I’d better get dressed.

Your choice. Their future.

Order a prospectus