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On 4th and 18th March, Year 6 pupils from Westbourne and elsewhere tried out for these prestigious awards and as you would imagine, the standards on display from some of the top pupils in Sheffield were outstanding.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the exams and we look forward to sharing the results very soon.

Only a few of these aspirational pupils are awarded scholarships but we congratulate all of them for stepping up to the challenge and giving their best in a very competitive arena.

In order to win an academic scholarship pupils had to attain the highest marks in all 3 categories of CATs (Cognitive Ability Tests), English and Maths.

Sports scholarships involve a range of practical tests including fitness, speed, attitude, coordination, strength, power and agility. They are also assessed in team sports (not always ones they are familiar with) and their portfolios (sometimes including videos of performance) which highlight other skills and talents, are also taken into consideration.

Performing Arts, Drama and Music follow similar lines where pupils are asked to perform certain pieces which demonstrate their skills, talents and creativity.

Music requires an analysis of performance, theory, aural skills and sight reading. Drama requires the pupils to give a monologue about themselves, act to a script and also engage in some improvisations.

It is not necessary to win a scholarship to be granted a place in our Senior School or to get a place in the Year 7 “scholarship class” where the highest achievers will work together across the curriculum.

It is also possible for children to be placed in our top sets for English, Maths or Science without being in the scholarship class for all subjects.  All the pupils who sat our scholarship exams have demonstrated their abilities and we will have plenty of visitors taking taster days over the next few weeks.

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