Flying cartwheels, headstands and handstands kicked off our Thursday morning as children showcased their gymnastic skills.

Pupils from Year 1 to Year 7 put on a superb gymnastics performance as a finale to a term of training.

Year 1 kicked off the show with lovely team balance routines, bar moves as well as their tremendous forward rolls.

Year 2 gave a compelling performance on the beam, displaying impressive manoeuvres not to mention their great shapes on the rings.

It was lovely to see Year 6 team up with Year 3 to encourage and set strong examples for younger members.

But it was Year 7 who stole the show as they wowed us with an energetic routine of cartwheels, headstands and handsprings demonstrating a measured and carefully choreographed professional performance.

Overall it was a breath taking assembly and a great achievement for our Gymnastics team. well done to everyone involved. A special thanks to the supporting PE staff, all the hard work and extra hours most definitely payed off!

Miss Pursehouse






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