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Getting in a twist with some 1960s icons at Westbourne


Where would you find The Beatles, Bobby Moore, Mary Quant and Neil Armstrong all rubbing shoulders? At our Junior School 1960s Day of course!

Junior school pupils and staff and the Broomhill independent school found their 60s groove in a fine display of flares, big hair, flower power and even the odd astronaut suit.

The children – many dressed as their favourite icons from the Swinging ‘60s – also enjoyed learning chart topping classics from the era like All You Need is Love and Hey Jude as well as exploring more series 1960s themes like the space race and lunar landings.

And to finish on a tangled note, Year 2 pupils also created their own version of Twister, the still popular game that was launched in 1960!

A great day was had by all.


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