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Westbourne provides a smooth and extensive transition programme

where students arrive on their first day excited about the next chapter of their education.
We take time to prepare young people for Senior School and celebrate the completion of Junior School.

We have a thorough and effective transition procedure in place.

This applies whether you are entering the school, moving from one class to the next or from Junior School to Senior School.

Familiar, secure and consistent standards work together throughout the school to enable our children to make good academic and social progress. Styles of learning and teaching that build on previous knowledge and skills are employed.

We provide opportunities for children to work with teachers in their next school year and in their new classrooms and building each term so that transition at the end of the school year is comfortable and predictable.

We have a sensitive and intuitive approach to pastoral care

Westbourne takes a pro-active approach in addressing pupil concerns and offering practical support to enhance self-esteem and confidence in all our pupils moving from Junior School to Senior School.

In addition to the pastoral awareness that permeates the school as a whole, our form and subject teachers give formal handover of children's progress and achievement to their next teachers at the end of each school year.

Older pupils play a key role in supporting the younger pupils through school, as chosen mentors and in their involvement in a range of optional and timetabled activities between the year groups.

Close liaison between Junior School and Senior School ensures that the knowledge, skills and competence that have developed in the Junior years support the pupils well in their Senior School careers.

Your choice. Their future.

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