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Mathematics is a web of ideas

Our ambition at Westbourne is for students to build confidence and fluency in mathematical skills and then to make connections between those skills, engaging them in a journey towards the fluent, independent use of mathematical skills to solve problems.

Our aims in teaching Mathematics at Westbourne Junior School are that all children will find enjoyment in the subject, develop their confidence and experience a sense of achievement.

We strive to ensure all children achieve a high standard in numeracy and a range of mathematical skills, which they can then apply confidently and with understanding to solve problems in practical and theoretical situations.

We encourage children to discuss problems as well as communicate methods and findings using correct mathematical terminology. Each individual will develop initiative and an ability to work both independently and cooperatively with others.


Calculation Policy 2019

Junior School children participate in a number of mathematical activities that take place on an annual basis. These include:

  • A maths day in which each year group are challenged in a differentiated, problem solving capacity.
  • A maths master class that runs throughout the year providing opportunities for Westbourne children to interact and work alongside more able mathematicians from other schools.
  • Maths booster classes that reinforce the learning that takes place in the classroom.
  • A university based Pop Maths Quiz where selected pupils test their abilities against 50 schools from around the city.

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