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At Westbourne we love languages

and we believe that learning a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience, which will lay the foundation for future language learning.

Delivered by Mme Hinchliffe a specialist teacher and also a native speaker from Brittany, French is taught throughout junior school, from Pre-school to Year 6. Younger children enjoy singing traditional rhymes, listening to stories and playing games where developing speaking and listening skills are key.

A more grammatical approach is used for older pupils by using the course Metro and the use of the languages website “Linguascope” to further develop their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

Broadening horizons about different cultures are also stressed by:

✔ Tasting French foods
✔ Performing in a French fashion show
✔ Championing the European Day of languages
✔ Taking part in a French board game club
✔ Celebrating French festivals like Epiphany and the French national day

These are only a few examples of what are on offer in the lively and dynamic MFL department. Music and Drama feature in the children’s learning too and give them a great sense of the vibrant French culture.

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