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Design Technology

Design and Technology is an amazing subject, it help children to make links to the everyday world around them. They gain an understanding of how things work and the process of designing with a purpose in mind. It teaches children how to plan, make, adapt and evaluate.

It gives the pupils a chance to be creative, constructive and build for a purpose. Our design and make activities are carefully planned to be challenging but achievable. They provide opportunities for children to work as a team but also to make their own individual responses.

The Design and Technology projects are a valuable way of fostering thinking and problem solving skills; they involve children generating ideas for products, thinking about who will use them and what they will be used for. Children are involved in setting their design criteria and evaluating their own work against these criteria. They will work with and develop skills when using Food, Textiles, Structures and Devices.

For those children who like to be creative in the holidays, we offer a Summer School to children from Year 1 to Year 8, where they can design and be creative, working at their own level.

For those who like to cook, we offer a cookery school at Easter and Summer for children from Year 5 through to Year 8.

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