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At Westbourne we welcome and embrace international children

We have had a number of children join us recently from the USA, Brazil, Spain, China, Dubai, Taiwan and France.
Visiting us in the first instance is not always logistically possible for overseas pupils and their parents, so our website becomes the first port of call - we hope that this serves to give you a flavour of life at Westbourne.


We offer a Skype facility  to ‘virtually’ integrate children into Westbourne from their current location – your children can meet their form tutor and class mates and most importantly, their ‘Buddy’ (the person who has been identified as having the same interests as your child and who will look after them during those first important early days of settling in. They will stay with them until they feel confident to branch out on their own and /or they may continue to remain close allies).

We offer remote learning which can be of benefit in preparing families who have not yet arrived and can include work during the holidays, or for families who may need to travel back to their previous home often.

Relocating with children from another country is not without its stresses and our aim is to make the transition a little smoother for you.

We have several families who have successfully relocated and are now well and truly integrated into Westbourne life.  We can put you in touch with each other and where possible we will endeavour to link you up with families from the same country who speak the same language.

We look forward to helping you to feel at home.

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Securing a Visa

Pupils outside of the European Economic Area (EEC) or Switzerland who are looking to study in the United Kingdom must be sponsored by a learning establishment which holds a license to sponsor the migrant under the UK Border Agency’s points based system. Westbourne School holds an A rated Tier 4 sponsor’s license.

To qualify as a child student under Tier 4, a migrant must score 40 points. Points for initial applications and extensions are awarded as follows:

  • Having a conformation of acceptance for studies (CAS) from a licensed sponsor containing an unconditional offer of a place on a course of study at an acceptable level (30 points)
  • Having enough money to cover the course fees and monthly living costs for up to one year (10 points)

If you have accepted a place at Westbourne School and live outside the EEA, it is very likely that you will need a travel visa before you are allowed to leave your own country to travel to the UK. The normal procedure for this as follows:

  1. You will accept your place at Westbourne School.
  2. You will request a letter from Westbourne School to pass on to the authorities in your own country.  A fee of £100 is payable prior to any application for a CAS.  In addition a full terms fees must be paid in advance to provide evidence of funds available.
  3. We will provide an official letter from the School testifying to the fact that your son/daughter will be studying here full-time and giving the dates of his/her stay in this country. The CAS number will be included in this letter.
  4. On receipt of this letter, you will then apply for a visa.

For further information on studying in the UK please visit:

UK Border Agency

Joining us from Spain…

“…Moving to a new country is really difficult at the beginning, but seeing our kids so
happy at school makes it all much easier.

The teachers and the staff have helped us a lot with all the doubts we had and we
are grateful for it.”

Andrea Beriain  – parent of Cristina & Alvaro

Joining us from China…

“…Steven’s mother would like to say thank you to all the teachers and staff.  In the past two years, they have helped Steven to integrate into the school study and have helped him have an enjoyable school life.

Steven’s mother also appreciates that the head teacher of the school and teachers actively support Steven’s car race.  They have made great efforts to help Steven to make his school life smoother.  Steven has committed himself to the car racing activity.   During these two
years, Steven has made great progress on his car racing.  He achieved great success in 2013.  He won No.1 both in British Championship and European Champions 2013.  He also won the third place in the World Championship 2013.  These all add colours to Steven’s school life.

Steven’s mother would like you to know that she is willing to help the children, their
parents who come from another country to Westbourne School, and their language
is Mandarin.  She will be happy to give them a testimony regarding Steven’s school life.”

Kind regards,

Mrs Dong Wei

Joining us from Brazil

“We are definitely settling down now with the move. There are difficulties associated to a country reallocation, mainly if the children don’t speak the language of their new country.

We are certain that Westbourne has provided us an incredible support during this overall process and this was crucial to make the reallocation to be as seamless as possible to our kids…”

Regards, Viviane Russo

Joining us from the USA…

“As you can imagine moving our children from one continent to another is in itself a huge change, in addition starting a new school at this stage of their lives adds to their stresses. I am happy to say that Westbourne made the transition very smooth for our children and was without doubt the best choice for our family.

Westbourne provides an environment that fosters student acceptance no matter what your background or culture, which I believe, was instrumental to our children’s success in transitioning.

Students and staff have worked to make our children feel safe, happy and part of the community, inviting them into extracurricular activities, encouraging them in sports and subjects not previously taken.  All teachers are accessible by email and I am very
impressed with the prompt response.

In my opinion the security at the school is second to none with all outside entry doors having keypad entry locks.

Initially both my children were very apprehensive at the thought of having so many subjects, however only after 3 months they have conquered their fear and are excelling at the many new subjects.  We’re very impressed with the Sciences and how each subject is
studied in depth at this age compared to our previous school.  Our children love the fact that learning includes so much hand-on labs rather than virtual.

Recently both our children have expressed how much they love going to school at Westbourne, this says it all!…”


Mrs Keane

Your choice. Their future.

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