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Our Mission and Values

Our MISSION at Westbourne is to offer a student-focused environment of educational excellence, ensuring that every pupil reaches his or her full, individual potential.

Our AIMS are:

  • Provide an education of quality.
  • Aspire to excellence in all that we do.
  • Ensure a balanced and varied curriculum.
  • Guide and prepare children for life.
  • Promote mutual respect and friendship.

Our Values:


Achieved through our commitment to;

  • Maintain a happy, safe and secure atmosphere for learning in a disciplined, structured environment.
  • Be friendly, approachable and welcoming.
  • Teach with enthusiasm to stimulate and inspire pupils so that their performance, attitude and achievement is enhanced.
  • Provide an excellent foundation in academic skills, sport, music and personal development.
  • Encourage children to do their best in all areas of school life at all times.
  • We are committed to working in partnership with parents and in providing a supportive family environment to ensure that our children receive the tuition and encouragement they need.
  • We will encourage children in personal responsibility, care for others and their surroundings.

Value Added

League tables are published in national and local newspapers and are often strongly criticised by many educationalists because many schools massage their figures, therefore they are not a true reflection of the learning that takes place in many schools.

Raw league table results do not measure the student progress that a school achieves for its youngsters. Westbourne measures its success on the added value delivered to each individual child, whether a high achiever or a slower learner. Our added value across the board is very good.

We use CATs (cognitive ability tests), Key Stage tests, baseline tests and value added data to assess our students and to measure their academic progress against their raw ability.

A variety of national associations provide us with data and it is therefore officially recognised and moderated.

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