Our Mission and our Values:

Our MISSION at Westbourne is to offer a student-focused environment of educational excellence, ensuring that every pupil reaches his or her full, individual potential.

Our AIMS are:

  • Provide an education of quality.
  • Aspire to excellence in all that we do.
  • Ensure a balanced and varied curriculum.
  • Guide and prepare children for life.
  • Promote mutual respect and friendship.

Our Values:


Achieved through our commitment to;

  • Maintain a happy, safe and secure atmosphere for learning in a disciplined, structured environment.
  • Be friendly, approachable and welcoming.
  • Teach with enthusiasm to stimulate and inspire pupils so that their performance, attitude and achievement is enhanced.
  • Provide an excellent foundation in academic skills, sport, music and personal development.
  • Encourage children to do their best in all areas of school life at all times.
  • We are committed to working in partnership with parents and in providing a supportive family environment to ensure that our children receive the tuition and encouragement they need.
  • We will encourage children in personal responsibility, care for others and their surroundings.

Value Added

League tables are published in national and local newspapers and are often strongly criticised by many educationalists because many schools massage their figures, therefore they are not a true reflection of the learning that takes place in many schools.

Raw league table results do not measure the student progress that a school achieves for its youngsters. Westbourne measures its success on the added value delivered to each individual child, whether a high achiever or a slower learner. Our added value across the board is very good.

We use CATs (cognitive ability tests), Key Stage tests, baseline tests and value added data to assess our students and to measure their academic progress against their raw ability.

A variety of national associations provide us with data and it is therefore officially recognised and moderated.

Why Westbourne?

We are delighted to share just some of the many positive comments that we regularly receive at Westbourne, here are just a few...

"Dear Mr Hicks, Thank you for an informative and enlightening morning on Saturday (14th October). Westbourne is a brilliant school and we are enthusiastic about XXX possibly attending when he finishes junior school. We were particularly impressed with our guide, Marisa. She was a delight - open, friendly, knowledgeable and a great credit to Westbourne"

- Prospective parent

“We just loved Westbourne, the whole family. Westbourne managed to foster a love of learning at the same time as getting outstanding results. There really is a Westbourne Way. ”

Former Parent

Dear Mr Hicks ...I don't think it is possible to overstate how much joining Westbourne has transformed our family. To have happy, successful children makes such a massive difference! Thank you.

Current Parent

“As GCSE’s draw to a close and we end our long association with Westbourne through Emma and Oliver, we thought it appropriate to write to pass our thanks on to you and your staff for the fantastic experience both children have been able to enjoy during their years at Westbourne.  The help, support and teaching offered Is second to none and as parents we could not have wished for anything better from secondary education.

They have both enjoyed some wonderful opportunities under your guidance which we are sure will stand them in good stead for the future.  We wish you and your staff well for the continued success of the school.”

With kind regards

Parental Survey 

“My daughter XXXX relocated to Westbourne School due to her not being able to secure GCSE subjects she needed in a different school which she wanted to do for her career trajectory, and due to extensive bullying against her pertaining to her outside sporting and performing interests and due to her race as a minority ethnic child which had not abated. Since relocating to Westbourne, she has settled into school and her year group with surprising ease, and has been allocated and offered support with all of her subject areas.

My daughter was even facilitated to change GCSE subjects, when she became aware that a chosen subject was not suited to her and this subject transition was facilitated with ease.

Class teachers to the Head teacher, have all spent time with my child, deliberating on subject choices and career trajectory matches to ensure that she and I were fully informed, and even providing Awarding Body content and explanatory information to us so that we were properly and fully appraised.

XXXX daily expresses and demonstrates that she is learning in great strides in Westbourne School due to the excellent teaching of all the staff and the anti-bullying ethos and rules and responsibilities of the whole school, and their inclusive equality and British values promotion and adherence which has been very noticeable. Staff model and walk the talk in these areas and in how they promote, respect and ‘tolerance’ for other faiths and beliefs, races, abilities, disabilities, gender, sexual orientation and other equalities protected characteristics. They seek to not only plan for, target and meet group learning needs but individual learning requirements also. Including, the SEND requirements of children, I have noticed to and they ensure that geographical and socio-economic barriers are not prohibitions to children’s inclusion.

While they as a school do not broadcast the fact, but are discreet about it, parents/carers of other children have identified to me that Westbourne School took in a sizeable number of children from a closing school in a different part of the City and secured for these children their inclusion into education and their educational opportunities, as the families were desperate. The fact that Westbourne School, stepped up to the plate to in effect save these children is testament of the school’s decency and commitment to putting children first and their egalitarian ethos.

Staff themselves in Westbourne School, also model dignity and respect at all times. The school ensures that diversity is reflected and affirmed positively throughout the school also and they promote citizenship in positive non-tokenistic ways which we consider to be very important in Sheffield. My child has been warmly welcomed and included by children and staff alike and nothing has been too much trouble for the team of staff to ensure that Molly has had a smooth transition into Westbourne School which we were greatly impressed with.

The school is exemplary in its engagement with parents/carers I have found, and we are fully informed, even being the recipients of weekly bulletins. Communications from staff are responded to with immediacy and effectively, as I have experienced, which is not only helpful but which instils a sense of trust and awareness that the staff are on the ball as is the school to with the children’s welfare being paramount at all times.

This is all evidence of their professionalism and commitment to each child.

They are also excellent at not only academic teaching but they provide a whole waft of enrichment experiences for the children, with staff going over and above in this area also. My child has benefitted from these opportunities and now gets up every morning happy to go to school and leaving early to ensure she arrives in school to start her lessons and to be with the friends she has so easily made there.

It is evident that the Leadership in Westbourne School is very effective, in the successful running and management of the school.  The school is extremely well kept and resourced, and in fact the leadership team, know every single child, not only by name but by their interests etc. and they take a keen interest in facilitating their involvement and inclusion, which makes Westbourne such a warm school, that wants the best for each child, I have found. The Governors and the day-today Leadership team are very visionary and I have found they are constantly striving for continual progress, in order to do their very best.

Compliance with safeguarding is apparent in the policies and procedures in operation and even Health Care plans are in full operation, I know from my experience of my child having asthma. Supervision is evident at all times and children are encouraged with their voice and influence and to contribute, participate and make decisions in the school to.

I cannot speak too highly of Westbourne School, my child is extremely happy in the school and is thriving in all areas.”

– Current Senior School parent

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