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We are proud to offer such desirable class sizes

Our priority is to ensure that all children are given the utmost level of teacher contact time. This ensures that their needs can be identified and the appropriate provision made to ensure that they receive the best education. We achieve this through our small class sizes and the unrivalled excellent staff to pupil ratio

Our Class Structure

With fewer students in a class, a teacher has more time for each pupil and is able to focus more easily on every individual.
With more thorough observation and assessment possible than within a larger class setting, a teacher is able to deepen his/her knowledge of a child’s needs and consequently better draw out strengths and support weaknesses.
Children talk and participate more in smaller classes.
They are much more likely to interact with the teacher rather than listen passively during class.

There is a wealth of evidence to support the positive correlation between smaller class sizes and enhanced academic achievement.

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