Autumn Term Starts for pupils on Tuesday, 6th September 2022

Westbourne has a range of policies covering many aspects of School life. Policies are subject to regular review and when it is felt necessary, an additional policy may be introduced.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our policies or would like advice in a particular area, please don't hesitate to contact our Bursar on 0114 2660374.

Please select from the files below;

Admissions Policy
After School Club Policy
Antibullying and Peer Abuse Policy September 2021
Back to School Juniors
Back to School Seniors
Bring Your Own Devices Policy May 2021
Complaints Policy January 2022
Coronavirus Policy
COVID-19 Risk Assessment
EAL Policy – October 2021
EYFS Behaviour Policy
Temporary Revised Fire Evacuation Policy
First Aid Policy – Sept 2021
GDPR Privacy Notice
General Health & Safety Policy – September 2021
Health and Safety Organisation Chart
Junior School Assessment Recording and Reporting Policy
Junior School Attendance and Punctuality Policy
Junior School Behaviour Policy
Junior School Curriculum Policy
Junior School ICT Acceptable Use Policy – September 2021
Loaned Devices Policy May 2021
Low Level Concerns Policy November 2021
Medicines Policy
Menopause Policy
Missing Child Policy
Minibus Safety Policy and Procedures
On Line Safety Policy – September 2021
Parents Code of Conduct
Parents Information on Sex & Relationship Education lessons
Peri Teachers Covid Policy
Pre-School and Early Years’ Admissions Policy 2020
Pupil Data Protection Schedule as part of the School’s Travel Insurance Policy
Relationship and Sex Education Policy -RSE May 2022
Remote Learning Policy
Risk Assessment Policy – September 2021
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy January 2022
Safer Recruitment Policy
School use of Social Media – September 2021
Security Policy
SEN Info Report Summer 2021
SEND Policy 2021
Senior School Attendance and Punctuality Policy September 2021
Senior School Behaviour Policy
Senior School Curriculum Policy
Senior School ICT Acceptable Use Policy – September 2021
Senior School PSHE Policy – October 2021
Terms and Conditions January 2021
Visitors – ICT Acceptable Use Policy – September 2021
Visitors’ Policy
Walking to Venues Policy

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