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What makes the Music Department at Westbourne unique from those at other schools?

There are many facets that make Westbourne a special place to make music. Music is very much part of Westbourne life and the department prides itself on being inclusive, offering quality teaching and producing talented and confident musicians.

Music is outstanding at Westbourne with many of our musicians passing their grade exams way above their chronological age.

Many of our pupils study Music Theory up to Grade 5 and our team of outstanding peripatetic teachers help the students to progress through grades on their chosen instrument.

All children from Year 1 are given the opportunity to learn any musical instrument they like and to perform in the many informal and formal concerts that take place.

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Performing at iconic Sheffield venues

Whether rehearsing with professionals and Grade 8 musicians or our young Pre-School classroom ensembles, our students are encouraged to strive for their very best and to have fun in the process. The result is a department with a strong sense of community and students that support one another and celebrate in each other’s achievements. We hope that children leaving Westbourne are equipped to enjoy and make music for life, having benefited from a wide variety of musical opportunities both inside and outside of school. Some of these opportunities include concerts both in school and the wider community, workshops with professional musicians and student-led projects. For example our children are given the opportunity to perform at some of Sheffield's iconic venues such as the Leadmill, Yellow Arch Studios, The Greystones, The Crucible Theatre Sheffield, the Octagon Centre and the Firth Hall at Sheffield University.

Variety in abundance

In recognising that today’s musicians have a plethora of genres, styles and disciplines available to them, the department strives to encompass all music, from our strong tradition of choral and musical excellence to embracing emerging music technology, such as beat boxing, digital composition, busking and everything in between.
We have several choirs to accommodate the different age ranges, who perform both in school and outside to the wider community. Our annual Carol Service in the Sheffield Cathedral is a prestigious affair, bringing our whole community together in celebration and song.

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