We have no special needs children, just children with some additional needs

The ethos at Westbourne School is such that Learning Support is part of everyone's agenda and responsibility, including the pupils

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Natalie Day - Senior School Year 9- Year 11
Mrs Katrina Lillywhite - Junior School Year 1 to year 6 and Senior School Year 7 to Year 8
Mrs Carole Longmire – Specialist Literacy Teacher
Mrs Kathryn Hales – Specialist Literacy and Numeracy Teacher
Classroom teaching assistants

If you have any questions about Learning Support at Westbourne School, or just want to talk about what we can offer here, please get in touch:
Mrs Day - nday@westbourneschool.co.uk
Mrs Lillywhite - klillywhite@westbourneschool.co.uk

One to one SEN support is charged at £33 per 45 minute session.

We have a strong belief in inclusion

All our pupils are encouraged to stretch themselves and reach their full potential – many of the pupils on our Learning Support register achieve above and beyond what early indicators may suggest, and several of them are also recognised as MAPs (More Able Pupils).
The pupils support one another excellently through a range of programmes such as Reading Mentors.
Our younger pupils help our older pupils out, too. Several of our older pupils are working towards vocational Post-16 experience, and use some of their free-time within school to help out our younger pupils.
Through engaging with this support and being thoroughly good sports, our Junior School pupils actually help our Senior School pupils to attain meaningful work experience, and to hone their skills in working with children and young people.

We champion all our pupils

Pupils are supported in whatever area they most need it – we provide additional 1:1 lessons for specific subjects; we provide support with social skills and with physical difficulties.
Our Sewing Club has proved particularly popular with those pupils who are trying to develop both their fine and gross motor skills.
It’s vital that we champion all our pupils in their successes both in and outside of school – we have an Achievements board in the Learning Support room which is constantly being updated with photos of our pupils with their trophies for diving, horse-riding, swimming, skateboarding, motor-cross racing – you name it!

Your choice. Their future.

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