Student Feedback during Remote Learning


Year 2 Parent

we are so lucky…parents are spoilt, in that we’re so used to perfect and Westbourne always delivers. Thank you

Year 5 Parent

If you do happen to speak to Mr Clark please let him know how impressed we all are with Westbourne and how they have handled the whole situation. Another mum expressed the same sentiment as myself the other day in saying that Westbourne preaches this family feel and they really have practiced what they preach. There is a community feel and everyone really is coming together and supporting one another. Hats off to you all, phenomenal job!

Year 6 Parent

Good afternoon Mr Clark

Just a quick email to thank you and all the staff at Westbourne who have taught XXXX online this week.  I know online learning is challenging both for the students and the staff (I’m teaching online lessons to my students as well) but you have all made it much easier this week. An extra big thank you to Kerry Moss and Natalie Leyland.  They have both helped both XXXX and I enormously.  Kerry for her encouraging words to XXXX and emailing me on lots of occasions and to Natalie,  for her unrelenting support in trying to help XXXX when he’s struggling to catch up and then today offering to “read aloud” some chapters of the book and asking his peers to help.  I cannot express how grateful I am to them both.

Year 2

A massive thank you for how well organised your use of Google classroom has been. The clear structure for the work set for each day has REALLY helped… It means XXXX has largely been able to get on with tasks independently (which is good practice for moving up to Year 3 as well!) …I think XXXX is doing really well so far. She is keen and I am trying to make it fun, which she likes.

Year 4 Parents

Thanks for all the hard work that you and XXXX have put in to these lessons. XXXX has really enjoyed these lessons which has been a great distraction to the uncertainty in the world at the minute. The routine of school has been brilliant. It’s been quite a learning curve for me and has become a bit of a bonding experience for XXX and I.

Year 2 Parent

Thank you for the assembly this morning. After our first week I again just wanted to feedback how phenomenal Mr Hawker and his lessons are.

Each one is thoroughly planned, considered, engaging, varied and displays his enthusiasm and dedication to his class. It’s so lovely to hear and see him speak to the children, to hear the encouragement and calmness in his voice. To hear him read the stories to them in person when it would be all to easy to point us in the direction of “audible”.  Whilst things are far from ideal it does give us this wonderful opportunity to get a rare insight into how wonderful their days must be in school with him. Thank you to everyone for clearly working so hard at this time.


I just want to thank the school for the immense help and professional support that has taken place in dealing with this current issue. Could you please pass on my support as I am truly grateful. Stay safe and best wishes

Pre-School Parent

Good morning, Firstly, thank you for all your support to support everyone to do their jobs during this “most unusual” of times. We are used to high standards from Westbourne but this has been truly impressive!

Year 2 Parent

So far google classroom was very helpful and we had no problem accessing the resources. We found it easier to work with all the documents directly on the iPad and XXXX enjoys that. We are trying to balance the work with arts and crafts and physical activities while keeping with the schedule as much as possible.

Thank you very much for all that you are doing for the children and hope to see you all again very soon.

Year 1 Parent

Thank you for your email. Google classrooms is easy to access and thank you to you all for your hard work in putting a great variety of activities together for us to access. XXXX has really enjoyed accessing the activities which we are doing interspersed with outdoor learning and craft activities too.

Reception Parents…

First of all a huge thank you to you and the whole team, we really appreciate all the work and the effort so far! Printed packages would be a great help, thank you! I have printed as much as I could but it was only today that I have managed to upload some pictures of her work! I can access all the pdfs and videos but not the Google docs

  • Thank you for all your help, it’s been a comfort knowing you are all here for XXX with your positive words during this very difficult time. You all do a great job. Stay safe. XXXXX
  • XXX is having fun, she really loves all the activities, so far there is nothing that she doesn’t like. We love them too! Thank you all for your support. Now we understand why she loves school so much!
  • Thanks for all the time you’re putting into keeping the children’s education running – it’s very much appreciated.
  • I would just like to say that we are so impressed with the way that you and the school are handling all of this and your support is much appreciated.

Year 1 and Year 2 Parent

Dear Mr Clark, I hope that you and your family are keeping well. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in to setting up distance learning for the children, I’ve been really impressed with the quality of teaching provided in such difficult circumstances.  XXXX has particularly benefited from having videos included since Easter, this has helped her engage more with the set tasks.



Year 8 Parent

Please pass on thanks to everyone “Westbourne is streets ahead” when speaking to parents with children at other schools – what we are offering is fantastic

 Year 11 Parent

Dear Mrs Wilcox, XXXXX has been an absolute star throughout the past few weeks. She has loved the virtual learning that Westbourne has provided, thank you. She has really engaged with all aspects of the new way of learning and the interaction between her teachers & classmates has been brilliant. We really appreciate all the hard work & commitment you have all put in to make the Google classroom such a success.

As well as her school work XXXX is doing several fitness videos every day, we seem to have a new virtual family member by the name of Joe Wicks! On the days I’m working she is also cooking tea for the family which is very much appreciated by us all. We are so proud of her attitude to the challenging situation we find ourselves in.

Year 9 Parent

Dear Ms Day, XXXX is doing ok at the moment. He is taking it all in his stride and has, I think, enjoyed the routine of the online learning so far.

You are all doing a great job, enjoy your Easter break if you can!

Hi Mr Davey

I just wanted to share with you that XXXX took it upon herself yesterday to write five individual letters to our elderly or self-isolating neighbours to let them know we can collect shopping or other items if they need help. I was very proud of her and wanted to let school know as it is a tribute to the lovely children school are helping to nurture.

Dear Mr Hicks,

Thank you for all your efforts and support for the whole school community. We feel a great sense of reassurance from the continuity and updates. I can see this with the past almost two weeks that XXXX have been working at home. They have carried on each day preparing and organising themselves to complete their work, keeping busy and liaising with teachers and fellow pupils, so all very positive. They do miss their teachers and friends but look forward to seeing them again at some time in the future.

Please pass on our thanks to all the staff and we wish everyone well and to keep safe as we enter into the Easter break.

Year 11 Parent

Dear Mr Hicks

Mr Glover set XXXX a task today of collating vocabulary that he might need to use during his post 16 studies, sports at Sheffield College hopefully.  XXXX has started drawing up a list of anatomy names, terms and definitions. This is keeping him busy, focused on the future and continued need for education, as well as stretching him academically .

Just wanted to let you know I think it’s a brilliant idea and task, and XXXX has really enjoyed it

Year 8 Parent

XXXX is doing fine even though I have largely had to leave him to get on with things as I have been arranging my business and employee’s set up for home working. He has largely been working from timetable and it seems his peers have a great networking set up and are supporting each other very well. Lovely to see the Westbourne resilience and community values come alive. He has managed a virtual guitar lesson via FaceTime

Year 7 Parent

XXXX seems to be doing pretty well, I think the preparation by the teachers to ensure lessons continue as normally as possible has been excellent.

Sometimes the workload has seemed a little bit too much and he’s sometimes been asked to finish things when the lesson has finished, which has meant him doing extra at the end of the day. But after Mr Hicks recent communication expressing that the children shouldn’t be working too late, he has not quite finished everything, to try and get some break time too.

All in all, I think VL is going as well as possible and the teachers always seem to be available, which is reassuring for the pupils.

I think your all doing a great job Thank you,

P.S. We all really like the quiz in the morning, a great idea!

Year 8 Parent

All good here and the online provision is working really well for us. XXXX is engaged with the online working and only leaves her desk for breaks and lunch providing us with a bit of normality which is very much appreciated in such difficult circumstances.

Year 7 Parent

Hi Mrs Loane

Your work has been great.  XXXX says “Mrs Loane just gets me “- How lovely.

I have been supporting her this week, mainly making sure she understands the task, because that is her biggest challenge.  I have been really impressed by how much she has Improved.  I notice when she is writing, she kind of pours it out of her brain, then goes back and sorts the spelling and punctuation.

Thank you for all your hard work and kindness.  I can’t tell you what a difference you have made to XXXX.   I will always be grateful to you for that.  To be able to inspire a child is a wonderful gift.

Year 10 Parent

Thank you and the other teachers very much for teaching and supporting the children during this difficult time. We appreciate your efforts. It’s not easy suddenly changing to a new and challenging way.

XXXX clearly is enjoying the online learning. He’s very keen to get ready in front of computer before 8:30am every morning and remains good spirit most of time.

Year 9 Parent

 XXXX seems to be coping well with the lessons and is enjoying the concept of it.

He has been in touch with some of his classmates during lessons and they have been helping each other. This seems to help as they don’t feel isolated.

So far all is going well and the teachers seem to be doing a great job, in difficult circumstances

Year 8 Parent 

“From our perspective online learning has all seemed very slick and the communication has been excellent  (but we both know from our own workplace experiences of getting everyone set up to work remotely that it will have been challenging and involved a lot of hard work). Thank you to you and your colleagues”.

Year 7 and Year 9 Parent

I just want to let you and all the staff at Westbourne know that you have done a truly exceptional job setting up this system, comparing it to my friend’s children’s there’s no comparison.

Year 10 Parent

Good evening Mr Davey, From our perspective everything seems to be working fine.

XXXX appears to have adapted to the current situation and thus far has needed no encouragement from us to prepare him for lessons.  He simply appears, grabs the appropriate books for the lesson and then disappears off to the lesson. We have been pleasantly surprised by his self-discipline so far.

Year 8 Parent

XXXX is doing fine with the daily routine of lessons. He particularly enjoys the more creative projects involving art/ posters etc.

Daily garden cricket is keeping parents, dogs & boy entertained. We have ordered a bowling machine …

Westbourne is doing a marvellous job in difficult times.

Hi Mr Davey

I just thought I’d let you know that so far so good with XXXX. We have stuck to the school day as normal and she and XXXX are fortunate enough to have each other and they work with their friends over their mobiles. The workload seems to be sufficient and where there has been a lack of understanding of a subject the teacher has helped.

Year 10 Parent

Hi Miss Pursehouse

We’re really impressed with the online provision. We’re keeping to the usual school day routine and so he only leaves his desk for breaks and lunch. XXXX really needs routine in his life or he struggles so for us it is a lifesaver.

XXXX is very keen, engaged and diligently working so long may it continue!

It is genuinely keeping us all sane.

Year 9 Parent

Afternoon , XXXX is managing fine with her lessons and hasn’t voiced any concerns . Her class are doing a lot of group Skyping asking each other questions, working out problems etc as well as having some social interaction.

XXXX is ready before form time every morning without being asked!

We have set up a workspace downstairs so their bedrooms are still their haven.

A big thank you to you and all the staff for setting up such a great system you have surpassed all expectations take care and keep safe.

Year 10 Parent

From my perspective as a mum I think the way this week has been handled has been absolutely brilliant. I have not had a second of worry about XXX he has been communicated with fantastically and managed to access his work well. So, I just want to say a massive thank you to you all.

Year 8 Parent 

A huge thank you to all of you, I am so grateful for the support our children have, and for how well we are informed as parents.  There aren’t enough words to express how thankful we are for this.

Year 7 Parent

Mr Hicks’ daily updates are very informative and communication is good, thank you.

I am pleased to see that despite the current unusual circumstances, the school has made alternatives provision available for the students. Thanks for all the effort and support.

We have left XXXX to get on with the distance learning this week. Some days/lessons were more challenging than others but she is able to maintain her routine, work independently and with her peers remotely. We are watching her develop new skills…

Year 10 Parent

We made it to the end of term with an abundance of new IT skills!! The virtual assembly was brilliant, even more so under the current circumstances. You can imagine how delighted XXXX was to get a mention in Biology, French & to be named Cricket Captain.

Can you pass on my sincere thanks to all the teaching staff who have put in a mammoth effort this week to make it an enjoyable & fulfilling online learning experience for XXXX.

Your choice. Their future.

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