Snow Closure

As a school, we VERY RARELY take the decision to close completely, but if we do close we will advertise this before 8.00am via the red warning message which will be displayed at the top of each page on our website.

If we have to take the decision to close Westbourne on the morning we will also aim to text parents before 8.00 am.

Please also follow Westbourne School’s Twitter account @westbournians for regular updates.

When school is open during bad weather we will be open from 8.30am but not expect you to take risks and advise you to arrive when it is safe to do so in order to commence lessons at 9.50am. (Any changes to this will be posted on the red warning message).

Local radio stations will also be advised – BBC Radio Sheffield, Hallam FM and Peak FM. But please do not rely solely on this source.

The safety of our children, staff and parents is paramount and we will not expect you to take risks to attend. Only attempt to come to school if it is safe to do so.

Please also note the following extract from our School Information Booklet:

“Does school close on snowy days?”

During inclement weather please check the website as this will be updated regularly during the school day.

Firstly, the school will not close as long as any pupil remains here. If weather conditions are bad, and obviously deteriorating, the sooner everybody is away from school the better for all concerned.

If the weather should deteriorate during the day, please feel free to collect your child early.
There is no need to telephone to ask, simply arrive and report to the secretary. Please try to avoid telephoning the school if at all possible as we need to keep the lines open to make arrangements for those facing particularly difficult journeys, or for those parents wishing to give permission for their son/daughter to walk home.

Snow Closure Work

Senior School

If pupils are unable to travel safely to school, we will use the online “Doddle” platform or Google Classroom (to which all pupils have access) to set work for pupils to complete at home.

Senior School pupils can also access general revision material via the BBC Bitesize website or log in to subject-specific sites they use in school such as Linguascope.

Year 11 pupils will already have plenty of revision resources they can be using independently at home.

March 1st 2018

Some specific instructions received so far regarding work set this week:

Year 11 pupils will already have plenty of revision resources they can be using independently at home.

Year 10 GCSE PE: work has been set on Dynamic Learning

Year 10 set 3 Maths: log in to Google Classroom and use code awfzps to join Mr Birbeck’s class where work has been set for you.

Junior School

Foundations Stage and Key Stage 1 (Pre-School, Reception – Year 2)

Key Stage 2 (Year 3 & 4)

Key Stage Two websites

Additional Snow Work

Year 1 Snow Work

Please complete 3 and 4 of you Home work tasks.

Key Stage 2 Year 5 and Year 6

Year 5  Miss Moss and Mrs Paul

1. Please research the Greenhouse effect if you have books or internet access. Please make a poster showing the effects of the Greenhouse effect and what we can do to help the environment.

2. Please write a metaphor poem on paper or on google documents about the snow blizzards. Please write 3 verses to include a simile and 2 metaphors. Please illustrate.
3. Make up your own Fraction Game. Please write out the instructions with diagrams and bring in to school. On paper or on Google docs. Please write the instructions out in full.
4. Reading each day – 40 minutes and write a book review please for school.

Year 6 Mr Tedcastle and Mrs Hogg

Usain Bolt Comprehension Task

Usain Bolt Biography

Usain Bolt Comprehensive Q&A Task

Carbon Footprint Calculator

English Homework

Unit Fractions & Decimals

Spellings for mini assessment 9/3/18

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