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Term Dates 2018
Half Term Monday 29th October - Friday 2nd November
End of Term Friday 14th December
Spring Term 2019 Tuesday 8th January
Half term Monday 18th - Friday 22nd February 2019 (incl)
End of Term Friday 29th March
Summer Term 2019 Tuesday 23rd April
Half Term Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May
End of Term Friday 12th July
Key Dates
Prospective Year 7 Information Evening Thursday 15th November
GCSE Presentation Evening Thursday 29th November
Whole School Carol Service - Anglican Cathedral Thursday 6th December
Open Morning Thursday 7th March
Whole School Production- Legally Blonde Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st March
Year 5 Taster Day Tuesday 7th May
Sports Day at the EIS for Year 3-11 Friday 10th May
Prize Giving at the Octagon Thursday 4th July 2019

november, 2018

05nov1:00 pmSSSC Meeting AG Cafe (1.00pm)

06nov2:15 pmU8 & U9 Rugby v Beech Hall (H) (2.15pm)

06nov4:00 pmSenior School Development Team Meeting (4.00pm)

06nov5:00 pmABRSM Theory Exam AG Hall (5.00pm)

07nov1:00 pmOnline Council Meeting in AG Cafe (1.00pm)

07nov2:00 pmU13B Rugby v Wellow (H) (2.00pm)

07nov2:00 pmU10 Hockey Festival @ S Anselms (2.00pm)

07nov2:15 pmU11 Rugby v Beech Hall (A) (2.15pm)

07nov2:15 pmU13 Hockey v Wellow (H) (2.15pm)

08nov2:15 pmU16 Rugby v Scarborough College (A) (2.15pm)

08nov2:15 pmU15 Hockey v Lincoln Minster (A) (2.15pm)

08nov4:00 pmYear 7 Parents' Evening (4.00pm - 6.30pm)

09nov10:40 amCake Sale Pre-School, Reception & Year 4

09nov11:00 amRemembrance Day Commemoration - Whole School (11.00am)

09nov1:25 pmYear 5 & 6 Enrichment Afternoon

09nov7:00 pmFoW 'Food from Around the World' evening - JS Hall (7.00pm)

12nov8:25 amYear 10 Exams Begin

12nov5:00 pmGovernors Meeting (5.00pm)

13nov2:00 pmU9 Rugby Festival @ Barlborough Hall (2.00pm)

13nov2:15 pmU15 Rugby v Trent College B (H) (2.15pm)

13nov4:00 pmSMT at 4.00pm

14nov9:00 amYear 3 to Kelham Island (9.00am)

14nov2:00 pmU10 Rugby v Ranby, Lincoln Minster, Highfield@ Ranby (2.00pm)

14nov2:00 pmU11 Rugby v Ranby, Lincoln Minster, Highfield@ Ranby (2.00pm)

14nov2:15 pmU13 Rugby v Beech Hall (A) (2.15pm)

14nov2:15 pmU11A & B Hockey v S Anselms (H) (2.15pm)

15nov1:25 pmYear 9 Enrichment Afternoon

15nov1:30 pmGCSE Drama pupils to Chesterfield - 'Blood Brothers' (1.30pm)

15nov2:00 pmU16 Rugby v Lincoln Minster, Hill House @ Lincoln Minster (2.00pm)

15nov2:30 pmU16 Hockey v Hill House (H) (2.30pm)

15nov5:00 pmProspective Year 7 Information Evening in AG Hall (5.00pm - 7.00pm)

16nov8:25 amHouse Day and Children in Need Day

16nov2:30 pmYear 3 & 4 Westbourne Wheeze @ Abbeydale (2.30pm)

16nov2:45 pmYear 5 & 6 Westbourne Wheeze @ Abbeydale (2.45pm)

16nov3:30 pmYear 7 & 8 Westbourne Wheeze @ Abbeydale (3.30pm)

16nov3:50 pmPresentation for Westbourne Wheeze @ Abbeydale (3.50pm)

19nov8:25 amWeek 11 - Year 10 Exams continue

19nov8:45 amParent Open Sessions (Year 3) (8.45am - 9.15am)

19nov5:00 pmSafeguarding Team Meeting (5.00pm)

20nov8:45 amParent Open Sessions (Year 4) (8.45am - 9.15am)

20nov2:00 pmU14 Rugby v Hill House/Lincoln Minster @ Lincoln Minster (2.00pm)

20nov2:00 pmU9 Hockey Festival @ Barlborough Hall (2.00pm)

20nov2:15 pmU14 Hockey v Lincoln Minster (H) (2.15pm)

20nov4:00 pmJunior School Development Team Meeting (4.00pm)

21nov8:45 amParent Open Sessions (Year 5) (8.45am - 9.15am)

21nov2:15 pmU12 & U13 Rugby v Lincoln Minster (H) (2.15pm)

21nov2:15 pmU10 & U11 Rugby v Mylnhurst (H) (2.15pm)

21nov2:15 pmU13A & B Hockey v Lincoln Minster (H) (2.15pm)

21nov2:15 pmU11 Hockey V Lincoln Minster (A) (2.15pm)

22nov8:45 amParent Open Sessions (Year 6) (8.45am - 9.15am)

22nov2:00 pmYear 10-11 The Lyceum Theater - 'Macbeth' (2.00pm)

22nov3:30 pm'Food the Westbourne Way' book launch and tasting - JS Hall (3.30pm - 5.00pm)

23nov1:25 pmYear 5 & 6 Enrichment Afternoon

24nov11:00 amFoW Christmas Fayre - JS Hall & Covered playground (11.00am-1.30pm)

26nov8:25 amWeek 12 - GCSE Mock Exams Begin

27nov2:00 pmU14 Hockey v Hill House (A) (2.00pm)

27nov2:15 pmU9A & B Hockey v Ranby (H) (2.15pm)

27nov2:15 pmU8 & U9 Rugby v Mylnhurst & S Anselms (H) (2.15pm)

27nov4:00 pmSMT at 4.00pm

28nov2:15 pmU11A Hockey v Mylnhurst/Barlborough @ Barlborough Hall (2.15pm)

28nov2:15 pmU11B Hockey v Orchard (A) (2.15pm)

28nov2:15 pmU13A, B & C Hockey v Hill House (A) (2.15pm)

28nov2:15 pmU12 & U13 Rugby v Hill House & S Anselms (H) (2.15pm)

28nov2:15 pmU11 Rugby v Old Vicarage & S Anselms (H) (2.15pm)

28nov2:15 pmU10B Tag Rugby v Orchard & S Anselms (H) (2.15pm)

29nov1:25 pmYear 9 Enrichment Afternoon

29nov2:15 pmU14 Rugby v Scarborough College (A) (2.15pm)

29nov2:15 pmU16 Hockey v Beech Hall (H) (2.15pm)

29nov2:15 pmU15 Hockey v Scarborough College @ Harrogate Hockey Club (2.15pm)

29nov6:00 pmGCSE Certificate Presentation Evening - JS Hall (6.00pm)

30nov1:25 pmYear 7 & 8 Enrichment Afternoon

30nov2:15 pmU11 Hockey v Old Vicarage (A) (2.15pm)

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