Friday 23 February 2018

Two of Westbourne’s talented drummers attended the The UK Drum Show this weekend. This event dedicated wholly to the art of drumming and percussion took place at one of Manchester’s top venue’s, Manchester Central and it was here that Luca Cancello (Year 6) and Ellis Green (Year 8) witnessed their drum legends demonstrating their skills and musicality.

“It was amazing” said Luca Cancello, “the room downstairs was packed wall to wall with drums of all makes, and sizes and we got to have a go on as many as we liked!”

Ellis won a ticket for a drum lesson with famous drummer, Craig Blundell. This was awarded by his drum teacher Dan Johnston as a result of Ellis practising and progressing more than anyone else last year. 

Craig has performed with members of iconic bands including King Crimson, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Rainbow and has written for mainstream television. Craig illustrated how to make the most of your left foot when playing grooves, along with how to warm effectively and much more.


Ellis said of his lesson- "Hi Dan, thank you for the drum lesson. It was tricky but I persevered and I really enjoyed the whole experience.”