Westbourne's production of LEGALLY BLONDE @ The Montgomery 20th & 21st March

On Friday 6th July our U13 girls competed against our sporting Westbourne mums. It was the best turnout ever from mums; they were all eager to take part and hopefully beat the girls!
The first innings was very much dominated by the U13 girls. They were ruthless in catching their mums out on first base if any of them missed the ball. The girls also managed to score an impressive 11 rounders, the mums trailed by 3, scoring 8.
The mums decided to replicate the girls fielding strategies by throwing directly to first base, getting several players out so the girls only scored 7 and a half rounders in the second innings. The mums were much more confident in bat, second time round, and they caught up quickly, scoring 10 rounders. It was clearly a very competitive game and the girls only pipped a victory by half a rounder.
U13 girls-18.5
It was a brilliant atmosphere amongst the girls and mums. A big thank you to everyone who contributed and a special mention to Esme Naylor and Mrs Bowen who were selected as ‘players of the game’ by the competitors.

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