Grandparents' Day Tuesday 15th October...

On Thursday 11th July, Year 10 students visited the Houses of Parliament and had a tour.
They took part in a Representation and Voting workshop and took part in a general election where they experienced
what it is like to be a candidate and voter.
The concept of the constituency was defined and explained before pupils were divided into competing
political parties to create their own manifestos. They were asked to consider how, as the Government,
they would pay for these promises.
In their parties the pupils then participated in hustings where their ideas and promises are presented to
the rest of the group. Following this, the election was held and pupils were asked to place their vote in the
Polling Station.
The successful candidates from each constituency were announced and form the ‘House of
The difference between Parliament and Government was reinforced as we discovered how the
Government is formed after the election.

Your choice. Their future.

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