Westbourne's production of LEGALLY BLONDE @ The Montgomery 20th & 21st March


December 14th 2018, marks 100 years since women were able to vote in a general election for the first time. To celebrate, Molly Meleady-Hanley was invited to attend a Commemorative event that brought together in the City of Sheffield, a select group of ‘women of action’. Molly being the youngest ‘woman of action’ included in the lineup.

She was selected in recognition of her endeavours over several years in support of social justice issues, and more recently her spearheading for children and young people in the City, awareness of and recognition of the Vote for Women in 1918.

Leading female politicians, MPs and Cllrs- past and present- were part of the lineup, and the Suffragette Shop plaque, designed by Molly, was on central show, when the politicians unveiled a new work of art, made of silver, to commemorate this very important anniversary for equality for girls and women in the UK.

Molly is featured with some of the City’s lead politicians including the Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council, Cllr Olivia Blake , Cllr Anne Marie Murphy, Cllr Mary Leas, Cllr Jackie Drayton, Cllr Pat Midgley (the longest serving Cllr on Sheffield City Council).

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